November 3, 2013 Waterfalls - Acryl - 40x50cm

Sound of Silence

Waterfalls - Acryl - 40x50cm
Waterfalls – Acryl – 40x50cm

Enchanting beauty of waterfalls. Waterfalls have impressive power and beauty of nature. Shimmering and falling, breaking into a thousand shards of spray. Crashing water scares and attracts soul. Great Russian poet, writer and painter Mikhail Lermontov compared waterfalls with human soul – “Many quiet rivers start from noisy waterfalls, but none of them jumps and does not foam up to the sea. But it is often a sign of great peace of mind, and hidden forces…”

Waterfall - Water Color - 40x50cm
Waterfall – Water Color – 40x50cm


Those days ran by like rushing water
Roaring over the dam,
I was tangled in your hair
And tangled still I am,
In those twisting strands
Pouring over the brink
Along your neck
Beyond your shoulders,
Foaming on your back in a mist.
So helpless I, but so willing
Swept by the currents away.
Now I see your face again
And hear the rushing water roar
And feel what I’ve always felt
But feel it even more.

Below the falls
So far downstream–
Near the whirlpool that calls–
You’re all I ever wanted,
All I ever wanted at all.
But all I’ll ever have to hold
Is this photograph so old:
Time standing still
And us standing together,
Young forever,
Songbirds in a distant summer
Way back on that endless river.

Waterfalls - Water Color - 40x50cm
Waterfalls – Water Color – 40x50cm

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